The Alberice 3500 meter provides a cost effective and efficient means of recovering rent for a domestic washing machine or drier installation.

£1 coin operated
Compatible with all modern washing machines
Current Sensing : Meter only counts down when appliance is operating
Coin counter verifies amount collected
Records washing machine usage to determine service and replacement cycles
Meter shutsdown if coin-box is not emptied within a specifiable period

BS EN 60 730-1:1992 & Part 2.7 of that standard

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European Council Directive 73/23/EEC 1973 (the Low-Voltage Directive)
European Council Directive 89/336/EEC 3 May 1989 (EMC Directive)


EN50081-1 1995 (Emissions)
EN50082-1 1995 (Immunity)
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